World Environment Day, 2016
We observed the World Environment Day on 05 June 2016 with an aim to emphasise the importance of positive actions needed to protect and conserve our environment.

A community environment awareness campaign was organised at Westwood, Peterborough. The volunteers from Communities and Nature International (CAN International) and Peterborough Nepalese Society contributed to make this event a success. We collected the litter from the surrounding areas and disposed them off appropriately.
Peterborough City Councillor Mr Gul Nawaz, appreciated the initiative and assured the Council’s support for these kind of activities in the future as well. 

Peterborough Nepalese Society thanked Mr K. Karki, one of our trustees, who lead and coordinated all the activities to make it happen. The cooperation and support recieved from Peterborough City Council was highly appreciated by the community.

We are greatly encouraged from the success of this event and hope to develop and implement similar kind of initiatives in the future.